Knee High Fall | Eye on Fashion | Modern Teen Style

Last year’s big accessory for fall was the boot cuff. And this year? We’re bringing back the knee high sock! Don’t get me wrong, I love a cute lace boot cuff but a classic knee high sock just doesn’t go out of style! You can wear it with ankle boots, knee high boots, shorts, skirts, […]

Red, White, and BEAUTIFUL! | Eye on Fashion | Modern Teen Style

“Independence Day!” “4th of July!” “Red, white, and BOOM!” Whatever you call it, the holiday is right around the corner and here at Modern Teen Style we KNOW you’ve been planning your outfit for days now! Are you going simple and casual with jean shorts and a red and white tank? Or more dressy with your cutest red […]

SO Not Over It! | Eye on Fashion | Modern Teen Style

I have a confession to make: I actually like the new overall trend. *GASP* I know, I know, you think I’m crazy; and I totally used to think everyone else who likes them was crazy, too! But they’re growing on me. And I can’t deny that some of the newer, more fitted styles, are actually […]

Graduation Season | Eye on Fashion | Modern Teen Style

Graduation season is coming. For some schools it is already here and that means parties, picnics, bbq’s, ceremonies, and celebrations galore! But what will you wear?! For bbq’s and picnics the attire is pretty standard: casual with a bit of Summer flare fun. But for the ceremony itself what is the appropriate guest attire? Lucky […]

Be Inspired By…. | Zendaya | Eye on Fashion

You want a style maven who TRULY dresses to the beat of her own drum? Then today’s Eye on Fashion “Be Inspired by….” post is definitely for you! Today I want you to be inspired by Disney channel’s K.C. Undercover star, Zendaya! It has been a long time since I have seen a teen (she’s only […]

Simple Street Style | Focusing on YOU | Eye on Fashion

When we think about our wardrobe we often consider all of the accessories we can add, which layers we can throw on, and all of the ways we can take our wardrobe to the next level. I’m totally guilty of it! Heck, I even talk it up every other week in my Eye on Fashion […]

Why the Shape of Your Face Matters | Eye on Fashion | Modern Teen Style

The Spring sunshine has arrived! The warmth on your face, the bright rays in your eyes, the sweet warm breezes? SPRING IS HERE!! And with that comes the cutest accessory around: sunglasses! But how do you choose the perfect shades for your face? You choose based on your face shape, that’s how! In today’s Eye […]

Flower Power | Spring Floral Fashions | Eye on Fashion

As far as I’m concerned, March is here next week and that means Spring is here, too! I’m ignoring those 40 degree temperatures and taking a note from Blake Lively who was recently seen in head-to-toe floral patterns in NYC – it’s flower season, baby! Floral patterns and embellishments will always be a staple of […]

Spring Shoe Preview | Eye On Fashion

You heard it here FIRST: One of the biggest and hottest styles of the upcoming Spring season in the shoe department is going to be the wood sandal! Get ready to continue to channel that inner 70s style from the Winter trends and carry it into the Spring because the hottest shoe on the market is […]

Road Trip To Holiday Table | Christmas Season | Eye on Fashion

Christmas week is heeeere! Anyone else have to travel for the holiday? I know I’m not alone here, right? Check out the following for some awesome (and comfy) fashion ideas for your road trip this holiday season.  Show up in style in any of these numbers after sitting in comfort for hours in the car […]