I have a confession to make:

I actually like the new overall trend.


I know, I know, you think I’m crazy; and I totally used to think everyone else who likes them was crazy, too! But they’re growing on me. And I can’t deny that some of the newer, more fitted styles, are actually kind of cute. Let me prove it to you…


I will be the first to admit that I absolutely CRINGED when I heard that overalls were making a come back. Overalls used to be baggy and kind of sloppy looking and originally were associated with farmers and people working outside. Don’t get me wrong, country chic is super cute, but I’m guessing you didn’t plan on channeling your inner farmer when you got dressed this morning. In comparison, today’s new overall styles are the complete opposite! They come in great colors and are designed to be more fitted through the leg and hip – giving you a gorgeous silhouette in an otherwise comfy cozy outfit! Plus, if you learn to dress them up a bit and accessorize them correctly, you can have one super stylish casual look in no time!


Just LOOK at all of the styling options you can rock! Rolled pant leg, ankle boots, gladiator sandals, shorts, wide legged, ripped jeans, tank top, short sleeves, long sleevves – YOU NAME IT! If you find the right pair to fit your gorgeous self and personality then your style possibilities are ENDLESS! Dress them up with a pair of stilettos or dress them down with a pair of kicks. Go boho with a hat and flowy top underneath or go city smart in a tank and ankle booties.

Whatever your style, whatever your fashion goals I think everyone should be like me and take just a tiny second look at the latest overall styles. It’s a trend that is clearly making a serious comeback!

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