You want a style maven who TRULY dresses to the beat of her own drum? Then today’s Eye on Fashion “Be Inspired by….” post is definitely for you! Today I want you to be inspired by Disney channel’s K.C. Undercover star, Zendaya!


It has been a long time since I have seen a teen (she’s only 19) who is SO confident and eclectic in her wardrobe choices. From Sun Goddess to a three piece animal and coral print number, to fully covered in light pink country style, all the way to a male-inspired suit — I  mean, she really wears anything when it comes to her own personal style. Crazy prints, bright colors, amazing textures, unique silhouettes – the girl rocks it all!


Zendaya’s television character may be a bit more subdued in her wardrobe choices, but in every day life she is not afraid to ROCK that red carpet anyway she pleases. We should all take a note from Zendaya and give our craziest wardrobe ideas a chance. What is one thing you’ve been DYING to rock but are a bit unsure if you could “pull it off?” Maybe it’s a crop top or a fabulous new animal print. Maybe it’s festival wear or neon colors. Whatever it is I urge you to take some of Zendaya’s confidence and give it a whirl! You’ll be surprised what you can pull off if you just tell yourself you look good. It’s true! Walk around like you OWN that look and the confidence will rub off on those around you. Give it a shot! I dare ya 😉

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