The Spring sunshine has arrived! The warmth on your face, the bright rays in your eyes, the sweet warm breezes? SPRING IS HERE!!
And with that comes the cutest accessory around: sunglasses!

But how do you choose the perfect shades for your face? You choose based on your face shape, that’s how!
In today’s Eye on Fashion post I’m going to show you which styles of sunglasses to gravitate towards for your face shape in order to find the perfect set of shades!

Did you know that faces have a particular shape? It’s true! Most faces fall into one of four shape categories: Oval. Square. Round. and Heart!

 Knowing which face shape you have is key to picking out the perfect sunglasses. To figure out YOUR face shape follow these easy steps:

  1. Stand in front of a mirror and pull your hair clean back from your face – making sure all the stray hairs are out of the way.

2. Paying close attention to your jawline and the hair line around your forehead,use a mirror safe crayon or marker to trace the shape of your face on to your mirror. Then voila! (be sure to clean off the mirror before you get in trouble, though!)

Now that you have which shape category your face falls into, you can head to the store with these suggestions in mind:

Round or Heart Shape – Aim for square, cat eye, retro square, or sporty types of sunglasses!

Oval Shape – Aim for square, aviator, or over sized styles of sunglasses!

Square Shape – Aim for round, shield, or aviator styles of sunglasses!

Still not convinced that the shape of your face affects which glasses look like stunner shades on you? Give it a shot! Take this blog with you to the store and give it a go – I bet you’ll find it’s a lot easier to pick out sunglasses after you test it out 😉

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