Graduation season is coming. For some schools it is already here and that means parties, picnics, bbq’s, ceremonies, and celebrations galore! But what will you wear?! For bbq’s and picnics the attire is pretty standard: casual with a bit of Summer flare fun. But for the ceremony itself what is the appropriate guest attire? Lucky for you, I’m about to show you 😉


Since you are the guest of someone graduating the idea is to be appropriate but not too flashy – you don’t want to take the attention away from the graduate who is celebrating their big day, after all. Look for clothes you might wear to Sunday church or an evening school play. Nothing with rips or tears, stains, or anything that is too revealing. Summer or Spring dresses are a PERFECT option while clean white or dark jeans with a pretty blouse and a nice wedge are another great way to go!


Consider the three outfits above. All three are cute, stylish, and say “this is a big deal and I’m proud to be here supporting you so I dressed up a little.” Come on now, you know that’s exactly what these outfits are saying 😉 But none of them are so dressy that it seems like you’re trying too hard – they are the perfect combination of dressy casual – the perfect graduation ceremony outfit!

What will YOU wear this graduation season?

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