Hello all you fashionable people! I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling the anxiousness of the impending last day of school, and I can’t wait for summer to officially be here. I’ve been scoping out some cute summer clothing trends and I can’t wait to share them with you! But for today,  we will complete our countdown of Pantone’s Spring 2016 color picks. Yep, you heard that right, today we will highlight our last color on the list. If you haven’t been following along until now, we’ve been introducing Pantone’s Spring 2016 color line, one by one over the past several weeks. You can read our first post about it here, along with the introduction to our first color “Peach Echo”. To catch up on the other colors, check out the following links to their individual posts:

Our last color of the collection is called “Lilac Grey”, and just like the name sounds, it’s a grey with just a hint of lilac purple. It’s a great anchor color and like most of Pantone’s picks this spring, it can be worn on its own too. We put together a few ways to wear it, to help you introduce it into your own spring/summer 2016 wardrobe.
First we have a floral print tie-waist cami slip dress. We’ve balanced out the lilac tones, such as these fabulous Gianvito Rossi Roma suede pumps, with some silver, such as this gorgeous Stella McCartney chain strap purse. This piece is a great example of wearing Lilac Grey on it’s own.
Lilac Grey

Next I have a long cami-dress (gotta love those summer dress styles!) in Lilac Grey, but to bring out more of the purple hue, I’ve paired it with some Lilac accessories. I’m in love with those fringe ankle boots, and the outfit pairs up perfectly with the Lilac Grey fedora!

Lilac Grey 2

For our last example, I wanted to show you how you can use Lilac Grey as an anchor for another color pick. So we paired it up with one of our previous Pantone Spring 2016 colors “Buttercup”. I think these two colors go together beautifully, don’t you?! And these high wasted trousers paired with a simple crop, with matching strappy heels makes this outfit look sleek and sophisticated.

Lilac Grey 3

And there you have it! The complete list of Pantone’s Spring 2016 color collection! Be sure to check in with us everyday here, and on Instagram @mdernteen for more fashion and photo inspiration, as we’ll be highlighting some of the biggest summer fashion trends. Thanks for stopping in!

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