As we go through this year’s Pantone picks for spring colors in fashion, we new we wanted to save Limpet Shell for our Easter style inspiration. It’s just the perfect color for Easter, falling somewhere in-between aqua and mint, and going perfectly with white, cream, pink, or even bold black and white for a quirkier option.

So we put together some Easter outfit ideas that can be worn to Sunday brunch, or to church, or whatever your traditional Easter Sunday ritual might be. If you don’t celebrate, no worries, these are still fun outfits for spring anyhow!

First we have a more traditional Easter outfit with this lovely lace skirt in Limpet Shell, paired with a white cardigan, cute accessories, and adorable scalloped flats. It’s classic and simple, yet elegant.

Limpet Shell 1

Second, we have something a little more flirty and fun with this super cute floral skirt in Limpet Shell with pink blossoms. We’ve paired it with a simple pink crop top, and matching slip on Gucci sandals. Some cute sunglasses and a wide brimmed hat make it perfect for an outside Sunday picnic.

Limpet Shell 2

For our third outfit, we have a Limpet Shell tunic style midi dress with matching wedge heels. We’ve paired it with cute straw accessories like this sun hat from Bergdorf Goodman and tote bag found at Target. This look is perfect for Sunday brunch!

Limpet Shell 3

For this look, we wanted to create something quirky and fun. So we’ve paired together an organza midi skirt in Limpet Shell, with a black and white polka dot cardigan. The black ballet flats, and wide brimmed hat complete the look, but not without that awesome Betsy Johnson polka dot bow satchel style purse!

Limpet Shell 4

Last, we have something a little more on the business chic side, for those of you who like to dress up for Easter without being in a dress or skirt. We’ve paired a lovely Limpet Shell blouse with some sleek DKNY flared Palazzo pants, and added some simple accessories like earrings, a watch, and a Vince Camuto hand bag.

Limpet Shell 5

And there you have it! Your 2016 Easter Inspiration using Pantone’s “Limpet Shell”. We hope you like our picks, and hope it inspires you to create the perfect look for Easter this year. Happy Easter to you all!

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