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Fashion Flashback – Geometric Jewelry

Over the past two years the trend of geometric jewelry hasn’t seemed to slow down. The bold lines of the triangle seem to be the most popular as they are timelessly elegant yet edgy, working an outfit with both style and meaning.

This trend, however, is not new. Geometric shaped jewelry is as old as Ancient Greece and Ancient Egypt. Having thought to carry magical powers, certain shapes were considered sacred and worn for healing, balance, and protection.

Greece & Egypt

Another culture known for their use of these shapes were the Anasazi Native Americans, who donned beautiful Geometric patterns in their art, pottery, basket weaving, and jewelry.  Many of today’s tribal prints are a nod to designs from this beautifully artistic culture.


It wasn’t until the mid 1930’s that a more modern take on geometric jewelry began to emerge. It was the birth of what was considered “Modernist Jewelers” who, much ahead of their time, began to craft chunky, one of a kind pieces that wouldn’t really catch on for a few decades.



 The dawn of the 1960’s “Mod Era” was all about eccentric bold patterns and shapes, and focused primarily on squares and circles in bright colors. A couple decades later, the 80’s would introduce their take on geometric jewelry by producing pieces in primary, or neon colors, in different types of plastic and enamel materials.
Mod Jewelry
1980's Geometric

If you haven’t noticed by now, SO many fashions of the early and mid 1990’s have made their way back in today’s fashion world. The geometric jewelry pieces of the 90’s are no exception. Ditching the 80’s affinity for plastic and neon, the 90’s, like today, was more about brushed metallics and paying homage to the raw artisan looks of the Ancient times.

1990's Geometric Jewelry

Today, we’ve changed it up to shiny metals, and adapted a more clean, modern look that gives a nod to both old and new.

Geometric Jewelry

I personally love this look and am drawn particularly to the triangular shaped pieces that many are wearing this season. Perhaps it’s the supposed “infinity” meaning of the triangle that keeps it’s presence in fashion century after century. Whatever it is, it’s been fun to see the many different ways it, and other geometric shapes, have made their way into fashion throughout time!