Hello again! I’m back this week to show you five different ways to wear a tulle skirt AND how to make your very own! Last week Sarah posted about tulle skirt inspiration on the weekly “Eye on Fashion” post. We love seeing tulle skirts in fashion this year, and they’re even more fun to photograph!

Tulle skirts can be worn in several different ways, depicting more than one style genre. From Country Chic, to Hipster, all the way to Funky and glamorous, they are easy to dress up, or down, for just the right look.


Aren’t they so much fun?! And guess what? They’re SO easy to make! Follow this little tutorial and you’ll be twirling on your way into this fun fashion trend in no time!


What you need:

  1. Depending on the the desired fullness of your tulle skirt, you will need 8-10 yards of tulle fabric. You can find tulle for around $1.50/yard at JoAnn’s, and some places online carry bolts for as little as .50 cents a yard!
  2. An old belt that fits you perfectly. I found mine at a thrift shop! *Alternately, you could use a sash or ribbon instead of a belt, but I think the belt looks more “finished”.
  3. Sharp scissors for cutting the tulle & a measuring tape.



  1. Fold your fabric in half and cut out 2 inch strips until your entire 8-10 yards are cut.
  2. Using one piece at a time, and keeping your piece of tulle folded, make a loop at the top of the fold, and place under the belt. Pull the loose ends into the loop, securing a knot onto the belt.
  3. Repeat step 2 until all pieces are used, or the skirt is as full as you like!

LasVegasSeniorPhotographer_0250 LasVegasSeniorPhotographer_0251 LasVegasSeniorPhotographer_0252

See, easy peasy!

Not a “crafty” kinda gal? No worries! You can purchase a tulle skirt from places like chicwish for around $50, and they come in all different colors and lengths.
If you get inspired to rock a tulle skirt, whether homemade or store bought, post a photo on instagram and tag us @mdernteen. We want to see!

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