Houston born actress Cierra Ramirez is definite style inspiration. Known for her role on ABC Family’s The Foster’s, Cierra’s personal style is all about leading lines and textured frocks. If you’re looking for a style icon that isn’t afraid to mix things up in her wardrobe – then Cierra is the girl for you!


Cierra is a fashion icon for all girls who like to take a look and make it their own. Ruffles, platform shoes, fuzzy vests, you name it! Cierra isn’t afraid to add a funky layer or piece of jewelry to an already amazing outfit just to give it that Cierra flare – and you shouldn’t be afraid to either!


Channel your inner Cierra the next time you get dressed and once you’re ready to go – consider adding that little “something” that really puts the spin on your look. Maybe it’s a sparkly purple headband or an amazing faux fur backpack, or even some killer leopard print sandals – whatever it is make sure it speaks to YOU and who YOU are. Don’t be afraid to stand out. As classic style icon and fashion maven CoCo Chanel said: “In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.”

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