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Winter Capes and Wraps

Today we are going to talk about wraps and capes. What they are, how to wear them, and why we love them! As in-house fashionistas, we’re always looking for great ways to mix up our winter wardrobes and still keep them practical and warm. The other day, I (Rey) got tired of wearing my same old black winter jacket, so I found a gorgeous wool wrap and swapped it out for the day. Not only did it keep me warm, and was easy to wear, but I got tons of compliments throughout the day! If you’re unsure about making the switch, read on and find out how and why you should give it a try!



Wraps are similar to shawls and stoles in that they are usually one piece of fabric with no holes for neck or arms. They are made to drape about the shoulders and wrap around the body, sort of like wearing a mini blanket. They often come in knits, wool, flannel, and fleece, which will help to keep you nice and warm.

How to wear them– If you’re able to score a solid color like black or tan,  you can wear them over anything! But you can also wear them as your main fashion piece, rather than an accessory, and pick a cute print to wear with with jeans, a solid color coordinating top, and some cute winter boots.



Capes are a little more like jackets in that they often come with holes for arms and neck, and sometimes even have hoods. They are loose fitting and flared on the bottom. They can be more comfortable than jackets and have a sleek, clean lined look that feels high fashion. Though they have been around for hundreds of years, they always manage for feel ultra modern. They too are usually made from wool and flannel, and other heavier materials.

How to wear them– Capes look especially great with short dresses, and tunics with leggings and boots. You can wear them buttoned up, or even open for a layered effect.

Why we love them– They are just so comfy and ultra fashionable! It’s not often you can combine “sleek and modern” with “cozy and comfy”. They look high end and lavish, and can take a boring winter outfit to the next level!