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Eye on Fashion | Couture Coats

As I was getting ready to go out the other night I realized I didn’t have a nice coat to go over my nice outfit. All I had were Old Navy quilted parkas and the like. It’s such a shame to cover up a great outfit with a less than fabulous coat so I thought I do a little research and see what we’re wearing this season. I might even head out today and get a new coat for myself. Hope these help you step-up your winter fashion game!

There’s no reason your coat should be bulky and ill-fitting – how is that stylish? Opt for a belted wool trench in a classic pattern like hounds tooth or plaid. Black and white is a great choice as well because it will go with everything you wear. Top with a floppy wool hat and add some red gloves for a splash of color and you’re ready to go. Buying info here.


If you’re looking for a coat with a little more edge, try one that has a little more bling like buttons and zippers. Big, wide collars also add personality to a belted trench. Personally, I always loved a double-breasted Navy pea coat. Those anchor buttons were to die for. Top your fab coat with a red beret and some slip on some black leather gloves for a sleek finish. Get this look here.