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Be Inspired By…. | Sabrina Carpenter | Eye on Fashion

Last month we brought you a “Be Inspired By…” for the oh-so-adorable Rowan Blanchard, the lead in the hit Disney series Girl Meets World. This month we’re bringing you inspiration from the decidedly edgier half of the hit show’s celebrity duo, her co-star Sabrina Carpenter!

sabrina carpenter

Sabrina is two years Rowan’s senior and it definitely shows in her fashion choices. High heels, leather pieces, short suits, and ripped clothing. Sabrina still manages to look great and presentable in almost all of her looks (except for maybe the ripped jeans and pink flamingo number above… I’ve decided that one is her Saturday afternoon grocery store outfit.) and that is why she is worth being inspired by for your fashion choices!

Want to have an edgier feel to your fashion like Sabrina? Here are a few items to add to your wardrobe to get you started:

1. Leather or Pleather Skirt
Pay close attention to the hemline of Sabrina’s style – just because it’s leather doesn’t mean it has to be short short short. Go with an above the knee leather or pleather skirt or a skater style that flares out to add the right pinch of edge without getting “the look” from grandma.
leather skirt

2. High Heels
Personally, I’m a fan of heels AND flats so for me it totally depends on what I’m wearing whether I bring out a flat or a heeled shoe – but Sabrina seems to wear high heels no matter which look she’s going for; so, to achieve an edge like Sabrina, add a heel or two to your closet. My recommendation? Start low. If you’re not used to high heels you don’t want to jump into a 3 inch heel – trust me. Nothing is more embarrassing than not being able to walk in your own shoes. Try one or one and a half inch heels to start:
Low Heel

3. Blazers
Whether she’s wearing a short suit or jeans, if you google “Sabrina Carpenter” you will see her wearing a blazer with a lot of different looks. Blazers help set her a part from the tween world and sky rocket her straight to the “young adult” teen world. Add a blazer or two in some fun colors to your wardrobe and you’ll immediately be channeling the edgier teen feel of Sabrina Carpenter!


So there you have it. Three easy to find pieces to add to your wardrobe that immediately add an edgier feel to your look – thanks to the inspiration of Sabrina Carpenter! Which piece will you add first?