Today’s featured session comes from Jacki Marchant of J-MPhotos!

Here is what she had to say about the session:

This was a session we did recently in Logan, UT. I had hair/make-up arranged as well as a flower crown prepared. It rained horrendously at the beginning of the shoot (luckily we started out at a greenhouse). It stopped raining for a short time which gave us the opportunity to take advantage of the stunning sunset and the beautifully depressing clouds. During the last 5 pictures it began to rain again and literally started pouring by the time we ran back to our cars. It was a quick but fun and beautiful session.
Tell us about the gear used: I used my Canon 6D camera body with a mixture of my Sigma 35mm ART lens and my Canon 50mm 1.4 lens. Both, my favorite lenses.
What inspired this session: The beauty of fall and the greenery I knew we would be surrounded by in the stunning greenhouse. I wanted to showcase her beauty and style but also incorporate the outdoor scenery because she is a girl that loves being outdoors. She loves to hunt and wants to be involved with the Forest Service after she graduates from high school.

Hair and Makeup by: Tiffany Johnson with Tiffany Johnson Hair + Makeup (IG: @tiffanyjohnsonbeauty)

Submission1-WM Submission2-WM Submission3-WM Submission4-WM Submission5-WM

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