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Inspired by John Green

How many of you went to see “Paper Towns” last week?! Did you love it? Hate it? Though it didn’t quite seem to have the same impact on me as “A Fault In Our Stars”, I still found it enjoyable! For those of you who are lost, and haven’t heard of John Green by now, then you’re not only missing out on some great YA novels, but also some pretty awesome big screen adaptations of said novels. But you’d pretty much have to be living under a rock to have not heard about either one of these awesome stories, or maybe teen romance really isn’t your thing, ha!

Well I’ll get you up to speed in a quick, watered-down version so that I don’t spoil it for you before you get a chance to read the novels or watch the movies (or both!).
“A Fault In Our Stars” is about two teens who have different cancer conditions, who fall in love after meeting at a cancer support group. It’s a beautiful and heartbreaking story full of deep conversations, and lots of witty humor. One of my favorite scenes from the movie is when the two love interests (Hazel & Gus) go on their first real date, and Hazel wears a beautiful corn-flower colored dress under a navy trench coat. It was the perfect first date dress, not too fancy, but just fancy enough for a nice dinner.

“Paper Towns” is about a teenage boy who finds himself slightly obsessed with the adventurous girl next door. When she comes up missing, he and his friends take the road trip of their life to find her. It’s a great story about living life to the fullest, and not being afraid to be spontaneous. It’s also a story about connection, and realizing that though we might not think so at first glance, we’re all very much alike, and struggling to survive our everyday lives. My favorite fashion piece in this film is when our main characters (Margo & Quentin) meet up, and Margo is in a stunning, scarlet red, floor length evening gown, with her trademark grey hoodie over the top.

Both movies have some good fashion inspiration, as well as heart inspiration. If you’ve been inspired by one of these novels (or films), and have incorporated it into a recent photo shoot, please share with us! Email us at info@seniorstyleguide.com for a chance to have your session featured here on the blog! Also, for more fashion inspiration, follow us on Instagram @mdernteen!

Inspired by The Fault in our Stars


Inspired by Paper Towns