August is here, school is right around the corner, and the Fall Fashion Preview has officially arrived!
I am going to make it easy for you and hit the high points of the upcoming season and focus on the pieces and looks that will have you right on trend. Want to know what is going to be all over the scene in a few weeks?
Take a look:

The 70’s

First and foremost the biggest fashion trend you are going to see are 70s inspired looks. It is showing up in pants, shoes, jackets, and even color choices of designers everywhere. I hope the 70s is a vibe you like because it’s here this year and it’s digging in for the long haul.

Flare Legged Jeans
Just like this past Summer’s high waisted short trend, this Fall is going with a high waisted, flare legged jean. Nothing says the 70s like a flare legged pant.
Flare Jean

Chunky Heels
Sticking with the 70’s vibe, designers have also brought back the chunky heel. I used to be a huge anti-fan of the chunky heel because I thought it was very “90s”. But then I saw the new styles and now I’m a total convert! The key is to look for a style that has a heel that tapers down to more of a point; rather than a straight block heel. This gives the shoe less of that 90s feel and more of a modern twist on the popular 70s look.
Chunky Heel

Long Jackets and Blazers
At first I was just tracking that long jackets were making the sweep this year but then, when I found out long line blazers were also on trend, I really got excited! There is  nothing I love more than a clean, crisp, straight lined look – and long jackets and blazers are the cherry on top of that style!

Long Blazer

Car Wash Skirts
Next on the list is something completely out of left field but I am totally in love with it! It’s fun, hasn’t been seen in a long time, and has huge potential in the fashion world – the car wash skirt! Basically, it’s a style channeling the wash rag part of a car wash. Remember those old cheerleader skirts that fluttered as you came down from a split jump? This is a similar style! As you can see by the examples, below, there are a TON of options being pushed out this season so there is one out there for everyone!
Car wash skirt

Statement Earrings
Last but not definitely not least is my most favorite style trend of this coming season: statement earrings. This Summer was all about statement necklaces – big, bright, eye catching pieces. Well now you can put those away and break out your statement earrings. Think big, bold, in your face earrings. They are a minimal effort piece that makes a big impact in the fashion world and I am crazy excited about the possibilities with this style trend!
Statement Earrings

There you have it! A glimpse into what is huge this coming Fall. Which one is your favorite? Or, are you already ahead of the trend and rocking some of these styles right now? Tell us in the comments below!

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