I LOVE music. I love it just as much as I love photos. (And that’s a lot!) I am constantly inspired by music, and it often crosses over into my portrait work. Whether it’s inspiring a particular style for an entire photo shoot, or just something as simple as creating the right mood while I’m editing photos, music always seems to help give me a little extra something.

Having a house full of girls, I’ve listened to my fair share of Taylor Swift songs over the years. And though TS’s music has changed drastically over time, moving from a Country genre into more of a pop sound, one thing that remains consistent is her fantastic sense of style. She manages to pull off so many awesome looks, from glamorous and classic, to edgy and hipster. It’s always exciting to see what’s in her wardrobe with each new album tour or awards show.

Her latest album “1989” is no exception. TS has managed to push the envelope with some newer, modern styles. Stark white and clean lines become the perfect styling for songs like “Welcome to New York”. Taylor also manages to throw back some great 80’s fashion, rocking combat boots and suspenders for the look I’ve named after one of my favorite songs from the new album titled “I Wish You Would”. “This Love” and “I Know Places” show off Taylors more daring and “hipster” side. I just love the big bulky geometric sweater, paired with a cute skater style skirt and heels.

One of the most popular songs from the 1989 album is “Blank Spaces”. If you haven’t heard it by now, you probably live in a bubble. You almost can’t turn on the radio without hearing it at least once an hour. The video is particularly fun and highlights many of Taylor’s spunky, as well as elegant, fashion choices. I counted at least eighteen different outfits in the video, ranging from the most lovely evening wear, to some fun and flirty vintage inspired ensembles. Watching the outfit changes is half the fun of a TS music video. Of course, the other half is the awesome music.

I know Taylor Swift has inspired a few of my senior sessions, mostly through fashion and styling. How about you? Do you have any T Swift inspired photoshoots you’d like to share? Or is there another musical talent out there that is currently inspiring your work? If you would like to share with us your sessions that were inspired by music, email us at  info@seniorsstyleguide.com with “Inspired by Music” in the subject line. You just might be featured on the next “Inspired by Music” post!

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