Can you believe it’s already Memorial Day this weekend?! Summer is almost here and that means sunglasses season is upon us! For some, this accessory is really a necessity. Helping to protect eyes from the glare of the blazing summer sun. But for those style conscious folks, they can also be a great way to make a fashion statement. Over the decades sunglasses have become more fashionable with not only the reinvention of new sizes and shapes, but also with how they’re worn in the fashion industry. They continue to make many appearances throughout magazine editorials and always manage to elevate the level of visual interest by making the models look extra chic and just plain cool.
When wearing sunglasses as a necessity, well, there’s really no wrong way. However, in the fashion world you’ll notice that certain sunglasses compliment different clothing styles better than others. Here’s just a few samples of what’s trending this summer in the world of sunglasses.

Round Sunglasses- Also dubbed “The John Lennons” for making their mark in history by being worn by the famous Beatles singer in the 70’s, are making a big comeback this summer with the continually popular “boho” trends. A fringed silk kimono, cut off shorts and crop top are the most popular way to wear this style of sunglasses. Pair it with a flower crown for a “straight from the 70’s” look.

The Cat Eye- These guys have been making their mark in fashion for long time. There’s something a little vintage feeling about cat-eye glasses, and it’s a given that they suit those retro style dresses and outfits. They also look super cute with anything nautical and are a popular style for sunbathers along the beach.

The Aviators- Having been originally developed by Ray-Ban to protect the eyes of pilots, this style of sunglasses eventually found it’s way over the fashion industry and remain a statement piece. They’re practical and perfect for those really sunny days, with their extra large reflective lenses. But their shiny surface and large shape are sure to catch attention when worn. These are a great way to add interest to a casual outfit. Scroll through the candid celebrity photos in any magazine and you’re sure to find at least a few shots of this exact look.

The Wayfarers- The most popular and diverse sunglasses style (can be worn by virtually anyone). Aside from taking a brief hiatus from popularity in the 70’s, these bad boys have been popular since their birth in the 50’s. Style icons like Audrey Hepburn and John F Kennedy helped to boost their popularity, and they’ve continued to be a favorite ever since. While this style can pretty much be worn with anything, modern day hipsters are enjoying them with hats, as well as other popular fashion pieces this summer.


It’s so awesome that such a little accessory that came out of necessity, can make such an impact in the world of fashion! Now go pair up your sunglasses with your fashion pieces and share your photos with us on Instagram by tagging @mdernteen. While you’re there, be sure to check out our “What to Wear Wednesday” tomorrow for some awesome, fresh fashion looks! And Happy Memorial Day from all of us at Modern Teen Style!

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