School is ending, Summer is on its way and with that come the long days by the pool and cool nights by the Summer bon fires !

Who doesn’t love being outside, under the stars, chatting it up with their besties about the latest Summer drama while all comfy cozy in a cute pull over and shorts? Sweatshirts, shorts, and flip-flops are like a Summer night uniform, ammiright?! That’s why I’m going to show you the top three ways to rock that Summer sweatshirt while maintaining your sense of amazing style (and not looking like you rolled out of bed from a late afternoon nap).

First and foremost, remember that sweatshirts already make your outfit casual – so be careful to pair it with clean, structured pieces and/or accessories to bring it back up from “slouchy/sloppy” to “stylish/cute.”


Pair it with jeans, a cute pair of capris, or even a bright colored pair of shorts – whichever bottoms you choose, make sure they fit you well and pull the outfit together in a positive way (this means no sweatpants or yoga pants). Sure, sweats and yoga pants are fab and perfect for when you just don’t feel like getting dressed – but if your goal is to head to the bon fire or out for ice cream looking comfy AND cute, steer clear of coupling your sweatshirt with super loose fitting or overly casual bottoms.

2. Summer Sweatshirts Don’t Have To Be Two Sizes Too Big

Sweatshirts now come in so many sizes and styles that the days of your dad’s HUGE old college sweatshirt are over (although, there is definitely a time and place for those so don’t throw it away!).


They come in short sleeve, long sleeve, crop top, zip up, hood, no hood, t-shirt style, off the shoulder, pull-over, and on and on. There are a TON of options out there for sweatshirts now so don’t limit yourself to the big slouchy have-to-roll-the-sleeves-up-3-times-just-to-get-your-hand-out-of-the-sleeve kind 😉

3. Have Fun With Your Sweatshirt

Being casual doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your personality or your style. Use your sweatshirt as a way to speak to who you are: choose one with a funky pattern or a funny saying! Or maybe a bright bold, wild color is more your thing! Pair it with a skirt and converse sneaks to show your eclectic side. Try it with floral print shorts to really add some pizzazz to your look. However you wear your sweatshirt – whichever style you choose – don’t ever be afraid to ROCK it, girl!


So, you’re all set for your next Summer bon fire, right? Take a selfie at your next one and share it with us over on the Modern Teen Style Facebook page! Can’t wait to see how you style your Summer sweatshirt!

In love and fashion,

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