I’m a sucker for dance sessions. And tulle skirts. And floppy hats. So this session from Valerie Ott Photography has all of my favorite things!

Valerie adds, “I was so excited when Alex’s mom called me for a session, because she wanted to capture this beautiful time in Alex’s life when it’s all about being a ballerina. I was thrilled to be able to photograph a dancer. I always say that dancers are the easiest women to photograph because they understand how their bodies move and asking them to get into positions that don’t feel natural seem very easy to them. They are probably used to contorting their bodies. But more importantly dancers connect with their bodies in ways that non-dancers do not. There is fluidity and gracefulness in their movements.

There is a wonderful dance studio in town called The Station. They have all sorts of dance classes there. But they also rent out the studio space to photographers. It was perfect for us!

At one point in the session I thought she looked like Kate Hudson, and in another pose, I thought she looked like Taylor Swift. It doesn’t really matter which celebrity she looks like, I think what does matter is that she photographs like a celebrity. We need to watch out for this girl because she is going places.

Alex is a girl with incredible grace and poise. She was so polite and full of her own opinions. I loved photographing her because she is so comfortable with herself.”










So beautiful, Valerie! Check out more of Valerie’s work on Facebook or her website.

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