Hello! I’m Rey and I’m so excited to be Modern Teen Style’s new tween and teen lifestyle columnist! With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I thought I would kick off my first monthly “H&B” (Health & Beauty) post with a quick and easy Valentine’s Day hair tutorial. Whether you’re going all decked-out in full Valentine’s Day style, or if you want to add just a little touch of whimsy to a simple, everyday outfit, this super cute “do” will satisfy both.

To get started, you will need a comb, 6-10 bobby pins (depending on the thickness of your hair), and three small hair elastics.

Step #1 – This hairstyle works on both curly and straight hair. We opted for a loose curl this time, and just used a small barrel curling iron to curl the entire head of hair before we got started.

Step #2 – Part the hair down the center of the scalp. Then, gather a segment of hair from just behind the ear, meeting up to the center part. I like to use a rat tail comb to help me make a cleaner, more even part. Secure your gathered segment of hair into a small pony tail and secure with a small hair elastic.

Step #3 – Repeat on the other side of your part, creating a second pony tail. Both pony tails should mirror each other in placement on either side of the hair part.

Step #4 – Take one of your pony tails and twist loosely forward, towards the top of your head. Lay the loose twist against your head, wrapping around the base of the pony tail towards your ear. See the following diagram for the best spots to place bobby pins, to secure the twist.

Step #5 – Repeat step # 4 on the next pony tail. You should start to see a “heart” forming!

Step #6 – If your twists are too far apart to resemble the top of a heart, loosen the twists slightly and push them towards each other until it looks how you like it.

Step #7 – Take the “tail” of each remaining twist, and further twist in the same direction as above.

Step #8 – Gather both remaining ‘tail twists” and secure them with a hair elastic.

Step #9 – You can leave your twists loose or you can twist tighter, depending on what look you prefer.

Ta Da! You’ve created a heart hair twist! Isn’t it super cute?! And it’s great for all ages, so tweens and teens, you can easily rock this look!

This particular hairstyle does work best on medium or long hair, but don’t worry, at the bottom of the post I will have some other super cute hair accessories and ideas for all other hair lengths to use this Valentine’s Day.

Will you be trying this style yourself for Valentines’ Day? Do you have another awesome love-inspired “do” that we need to know about? We want to see! Follow Modern Teen Style on Instagram @mdernteen and tag us in a photo show-casing your V-day “do”.

Have an awesome Valentine’s Day whether spending it with your crush, or with the people you love most!


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  1. ahhh! this hairstyle is the cutest! I especally love that you gave hair ideas for short and medium length hair! <3

  2. This is a gorgeous hairstyle!! Rey is absolutely amazing in everything she does!! Super excited to see more!!

  3. Thank you so much Rey! These steps are super detailed which helps a lot! I also really like how you provide the pictures for the people who visually need to see how to style their hair. Check out this article on how to make a wrap-up ponytail for any occasion!


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