I’m Sarah with Sarah Elle Photography and I am here to bring you the first Eye on Fashion post for Modern Teen Style for 2015 (yay!!).
I am honored to be part of the MTS team and am over the moon excited to get to share my style inspiration with you twice a month! So, grab that cute notebook and your favorite pen because I’ve got some awesome tips coming your way you won’t want to miss!

First up, I’m going to talk with you about MY favorite accessory: SHOES!

I firmly believe that shoes can make or break your entire look; so don’t let them be an afterthought when you pull together your wardrobe for your shoot! We focus so much on our clothing, our jewelry, or how our hair and makeup is going to look that we often leave which shoes we are going to wear as a last minute decision. Trust me when I say that your shoes are your ultimate accessory and are not one to be left to the final minute.

Image 3

From pumps to flats to booties, riding boots, and sneakers, your shoes make a statement. Are you casual? Fun? Adventurous? Athletic? Or maybe you are all of the above! Not every shoe goes with every outfit (or even every season) but usually when we pull together a look we find that we have multiple pairs of shoes that would go GREAT with that outfit. This is where we have a choice. What kind of statement do you want to make today?


The above outfit is created from the exact same pieces – same hat, same top, exact same pair of jeans- the only difference is the shoe choice. Isn’t it neat how both give off completely different style vibes just by changing the shoe? With this outfit you’ve gone from “casual beachy fun” to “lunch date in the Hamptons!” Shoes really are the final say in your wardrobe so don’t forget to decide which statement about yourself you want to make when pulling together your outfit. While your feet are doing the walking why not let your shoes do the talking 😉

In love and fashion,



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