Today’s featured session is from Trina of Violet Ray Photography!

This session came through our feed and we reached out to see more.    Let us know your thoughts!

Here is what Trina had to say about the session:

This session was done for a teen who was running for the Miss Montana rodeo pageant. Freja had been working with her mule, Newly, and this session was geared towards the western riding showmanship competitions.

The gear used:

Canon 5D Mark III, Canon 85mm 1.2, and a reflector

The inspiration behind the session:

Freja’s love of her mules, the showmanship she spends hours upon hours working on, her love of all her farm critters, and of course the pride in the achievements she has already won was the inspiration behind this session. Freja asked me to shoot her session because she wanted couture elements combined with with those of the western Montana rodeo life to run for the teen Miss Montana pageant.

Hair and makeup artist:

Freja took great care and pride in picking out her own wardrobe knowing what she needed for competition photos. She also did her own hair and makeup as well!

Be sure to check out Trina’s website and follow her on Facebook and Instagram too!



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