Today is the day we are going to announce the winners!  This contest just keeps growing and the competition each year makes it harder to judge!  This was a very hard thing for Sean!  He poured over these images and went back and forth over and over again!  Literally right down to the wire this week!  But he did it and the list to THE 25 Most Influential Teen Photographers of 2018 is ready!  Sean worked like crazy and picked amazing images.  Thank you so much Sean for all your hard work!  Ready for the list?  I won’t keep you any longer!

  1. Tiffany Photography
  2. Selessa Studio
  3. Salome Klopfenstein Photography
  4. Robin Jansky
  5. Photos By Alex S
  6. Paige Day Photography
  7. Over The Fence Photography
  8. Nicki Hufford
  9. Michelle Cuppy
  10. Marika H Photography
  11. Mad B Photography
  12. LK Photo Shoots
  13. Lisa Shifflett Photo
  14. Ling Wang
  15. Janice Louise Photography
  16. Heidi Laperle Photography
  17. Erica Land
  18. Dalena Carroll
  19. Courtney Bliss Photography
  20. Chelsea Taylor
  21. Callahan Photography
  22. Ben Riley Photography
  23. Bella Lei Couture
  24. Alicia Crosson Photography
  25. AK Sellers Photography

This year was quite the year and seeing so many people branch out into the teen photography market has been incredible!

And a BIG Congratulations to all the winners.  I know it is hard to put yourself out there but that is part of growing in this industry, looking at our work differently and just doing it!  Seriously, the images submitted were incredible  and everyone should be proud.  I want to see EVERYONE who submitted featured in Modern Teen Style.  I was blown away and left wondering where have you all been????  So drop what you are doing and submit those sessions that you entered.  I want to feature them.

If your name is on the list grab this button to light up social media with!



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