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Today we’re going 80s style! Ok, not really, but neon is making a come back and I’m going to highlight (get it…? highlight..neon.. har har) how to rock it without looking like a glow stick!

Neon is a fantastic Summer hue since it screams fun, sunny, beach weather, and usually is found in dresses, tank tops, and shorts – perfect for the Summer season! But it can also be found in beanies, scarves, and even sweaters. With neon making a huge splash on the runways and in magazines you can bet you will see more and more of it in your own town, soon!

neon1Don’t let this palette of neon options overwhelm you. Neon is meant to be the accent piece to your wardrobe; not thrown all together in a pile at once like the above collage. You would never dream of putting multiple neon pieces together in one look – I am telling you now you would not do that. Don’t do it. It will be way too bright and then you will look like a glow stick – and we’re looking to avoid that!

Allowing neon to be the PUNCH piece of your outfit is a fantastic way to stand out in the crowd and still look fashionable! Check out the way these models used neon to infuse some fun into their wardrobe. Pay attention to the way they used other, neutral colors to elevate their neon while at the same time toning down their overall look:
neon3SO, believe it or not, neon is IN and there is a fantastic way to wear it without over doing it (and without looking like your mom’s old workout tapes)!

What do you think? Will you be rocking neon this Summer?
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