Modern Teen Style…Criativo Photography

Today’s feature comes to us from beautiful Hawaii and Danielle at Criativo Photography. Bikes, beaches and everything lovely… Danielle adds, “This is my sweet, 15 year old cousin, Emma, from Tigard, Oregon. Her family was on vacation in Maui. We decided she couldn’t leave until I had the chance to photograph her. So she and […]

Modern Teen Style…Photography by Caron

Today’s session features beautiful golden light and an awesome summer feel. This is just the kind of session I love to see in the middle of this long winter. A big thank you to Caron at Photography by Caron in Michigan for submitting this gorgeous session! Caron and her make up artist worked together to […]

Eye on Fashion: Surf’s Up for Spring

I don’t know if it’s better or worse to think about spring on a day like today – when Alaska has traded their weather with the rest of the states – but let’s go for it anyway. One of the big trends for spring is surfer style! Not just the traditional super-relaxed, California look of […]