It’s prom season! Some of you teens out there might be getting ready to attend your Junior Prom! Or maybe even some of you younger teens have gotten asked by an upperclassmen! AND you photographers out there are probably getting excited to capture everyone all glammed up and in their awesome dresses. It’s a time in the school year many of us really enjoy!

Getting ready for prom can be exciting but a little daunting. Usually you only have a few weeks to get everything together for the big day. Finding the perfect dress, then matching it to amazing shoes, and searching for the right accessories… it can be stressful when you’re not finding what you have in mind, but so relieving when you finally do!

So it’s the big day and you’re trying to figure out what hairstyle looks best with your dress. Should you pull it up? Leave it down? Go in-between with half up and half down? The answer to that question can help be determined by the style of your dresses’ neckline. While it’s fun to be creative and try new things, or it feels better to play it safe with something you do regularly, you can really increase your “wow” factor by playing up the right hair style with your dress.

If you have a strapless, v-neck, or thin strapped gown, you might try leaving your hair completely down. Big, romantic waves are really popular right now, and can be achieved with a large barrel curling iron, or even using a straightening iron like a curling iron! Or try half up by pulling the sides back, away from your face. You can get creative by adding a braid, or small twist to it for an extra elegant look.

Hair styles for strapless and skinny strap gowns


If your gown has a high neckline, collar, or one shoulder strap, try pulling it up, or to the side. Beautiful, messy buns are trending, as well as braids this year. Pulling your hair away from your neck will help to elongate it, and show off the awesome detail on your dresses’ neckline.

Hairy styles for high neckline gowns


I hope that helps give you some ideas to help you achieve the perfect look for your big day! We can’t wait to see photos, so be sure to tag us on Instagram @mderteen! And photographers, don’t forget to share your favorite prom photos with us on Instagram too!

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