It has been used as a silent way of asserting confidence and a sense of power over others for ages. You see it in politics, the royal family, and in branding and logos everywhere. Red is a hot color filled with subliminal messages of confidence, strength, knowledge, and power; so why not infuse that into your wardrobe and have a bit of those positive affirmations rub off on YOU?


Red is a gorgeous color and has many shades and hues that find their way into every season. This coming Fall season we can see it in the uber┬átrendy marsala (read more about the hot Fall fashion colors here); but a classic mauve or burgundy is always in style – so you can’t really go wrong with a red!

Some feel that red is TOO bright or TOO aggressive (think: red pen all over your history exam- scary, right?), but really, it’s all about HOW you wear it and the confidence you exude when doing so. Add it in to your wardrobe slowly with accessories or the ever-popular red lip. Or, jump in head first with a gorgeous red dress or – even more daring – pants! You seriously cannot go wrong with a solid red addition to your outfit; so, take that color by the horns and own that confidence, baby! You got this!



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