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Eye on Fashion: School Girl Cool

They say that everything old becomes new again, and that’s been especially true over the past year! The 90’s have been making a comeback in a big way – pastel floral-print jeans, high waists, crop tops – and the cooler weather isn’t slowing them down.

A fun fall trend that’s making it’s déjà vu debut is the school girl look. What’s really awesome about this trend is its versatility – you can make it yours in so many different ways! Prissy, preppy, grunged out, flirty… add your own flair and turn some heads in the halls!


Debate Team Darling
Chess Club Cutie

Since most of these pieces are wardrobe basics,  a quick dig through your closet or trip to your favorite stores at the mall is all it takes to throw together a class act outfit! Are you a fan of the school girl trend?!?

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