Eye on Fashion: Festival Flair

Festival season is coming up and I don’t know about you, but it takes me forever to decide what to wear!   Luckily, it’s pretty much a free-for-all at festivals, so you can wear whatever you want and you’ll fit right in. A few of my favorite looks are shorts with a loose, floral tank […]

Eye on Fashion: Totally Tribal

I love all of the tribal prints that I’m seeing. They’re everywhere – Hollister, Buckle, American Eagle, Delia’s, Nordstrom, and pretty much anywhere you love to shop!   Everyone can rock tribal, but there are two super important things to remember:   Don’t overdo it! As with any busy print or pattern, always balance it out […]

Eye on Fashion: Throwback Attack

So, we talked about how cropped tops are back again, and – apparently – so are the 90’s! Stores like Hollister and American Eagle are leading the push with this throwback combo of crops, high-waisted denim shorts, plaid shirts, and even overalls! I have to say that I really love this look, and it has […]

Eye on Fashion: Valentine’s Day {Part 2}

Last week I talked about Valentine’s Day looks that are made from pieces just arriving at your favorite stores. From super cute prints to custom kicks, there’s something for you, no matter what your style. This week’s post is about Valentine’s Day style for the guys! There are so many looks – carried at Abercrombie, J. […]

Eye on Fashion: School Girl Cool

They say that everything old becomes new again, and that’s been especially true over the past year! The 90’s have been making a comeback in a big way – pastel floral-print jeans, high waists, crop tops – and the cooler weather isn’t slowing them down. A fun fall trend that’s making it’s déjà vu debut […]