I love all of the tribal prints that I’m seeing. They’re everywhere – Hollister, Buckle, American Eagle, Delia’s, Nordstrom, and pretty much anywhere you love to shop!


Everyone can rock tribal, but there are two super important things to remember:


  1. Don’t overdo it! As with any busy print or pattern, always balance it out with solid colors.

  3. Don’t put the print on any body part that you wish got less attention. For example, if you have wide hips or a large bum and you wish they were smaller, wear solid color bottoms with a tribal top. If you want to minimize your chest, you’d wear a solid color top with your tribal bottoms. People’s eyes will go to the print… and the body part it covers.

Have fun creating your tribal look for this spring!


Jen Sinclair offers custom photography for high school seniors and teens near Richmond, VA! Check her out at http://jensinphoto.com!

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