Today’s session features beautiful golden light and an awesome summer feel. This is just the kind of session I love to see in the middle of this long winter. A big thank you to Caron at Photography by Caron in Michigan for submitting this gorgeous session!

Caron and her make up artist worked together to create this wonderful concept. Here’s what Caron had to say about the session:

“Beauty meets glam, meets hippy- This session was about taking a traditionally beautiful girl and presenting her in a whole new way.

I work with my make up artist, Jill, on coming up with concepts and ideas. We text, pin & ig non-stop about what we want to create. We both really try to push ourselves on every shoot- to learn and grow every single time. The goal is to create something beautiful in a way we haven’t before. Sometimes its a new location, vintage clothing, or pieces that I have made. Jill likes to use unpredictable color pallets, with perfectly un-perfect polished looking hair.”












Oh, those eyes! Absolutely stunning work, Caron. Everyone be sure to check out Photography by Caron on Facebook and her website.

Thanks for stopping by and keep those submissions coming!


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I am Robin Long and I am the principal photographer at longlens photography located in Sioux Falls, SD. I love fashion, dark chocolate and photographing teens and seniors!

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  1. This is a GORGEOUS session.. I love what you did with her and I love the description about taking an already beautiful young woman and presenting her in a different way. Seriously stunning work and inspiring to say the least!

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