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Design Inspiration


Hello again! Rey here, and I’m excited to bring you my first “Design Inspiration” post today! I want to show you how you can decorate a space, in this case a studio or teen room, off of a few things that might catch your eye. Some of you teens and tweens out there might be getting ready to change-up your own space from your “childhood” bedroom to something more mature or age-appropriate. Ready to get rid of the princess or Bieber bedding and move up to something more beautiful and chic? Read on! Or maybe you’re a photographer with a newly acquired studio space in need of freshening up? I got you covered!

Tribal and geometric patterns have been huge this past year and are still being found everywhere. Gold is still popular as well, and makes a great accent to almost any color scheme. I chose a sea foam green and peachy pink since spring is almost here in the desert! These tribal patterned feathers caught my eye the other day so I stashed them away in my design inspiration folder. I think along with the gold they make great, bold accent pieces that pop.

What’s nice about these colors and accents, is that they can be used all together, or broken up. The sea foam and peachy pink compliment each other nicely and can be used in the same space.  You can pop the black and white tribal pattern in there in some art work, throw pillows or even a rug. Or you can go bold and make it the main focus like the bedding in the bedroom inspiration below, accenting with the chosen colors and gold decor. If both colors are too much, choose your favorite and accent with either the black and white or gold.

When making a design or inspiration board, it’s a good idea to find 2-3 complimentary colors as well as at least two accent options. Metals make great accent options. Gold, silver, bronze and copper can add just the right pop of shine and texture. Earthy accents like stone, wood, glass, and fur can add a nice natural element to the room and make it feel either cozy or sleek (or both). I was going for a nice balance between boho and modern so I’m using the accent pieces sparingly to keep it from being too much one or the other. You can adjust the accents to whichever look that inspires you most to create something that is one of a kind and YOU!

Are you a photographer with a beautifully designed studio space? We want to see! MTS would love to feature your space along with our inspiration boards once a month.
Are you a teen or tween who is getting ready to graduate from a kid room to an awesome teen space? Share your before and afters with us and you can be featured in our monthly design inspiration post too! Just email us at info@seniorsstyleguide.com with “Studio Design” in the subject line. We look forward to seeing your awesome spaces!

Happy designing!

*hugs* Rey