Design Inspiration – Pink, Black & Gold

This months design inspiration is coming from my own palette inspiration, as I work this summer to spruce up my studio space. For me, it all started with a pink sofa! I found a cute pink sofa and it became the perfect anchor for my client sitting area. I knew I wanted white walls because of […]

Design Inspiration…Summer Farmer’s Market

I love finding color inspiration in nature! This months design inspiration is inspired by a recent trip to the Portland Farmer’s Market. These flowers are just one of the many beautiful things I found on my summer vacation to Oregon. I was quickly drawn in by the awesome colors of the fully bloomed peony against the […]

Design Inspiration … Colors of the Beach

This months design inspiration comes straight from the beach. It’s officially summer, school is out, and practically everyone is dreaming of a beach get away! I found this really fun art piece of the beach, and immediately started dreaming up concepts for a fun bedroom and studio inspiration board. To get this look, start off […]

Design Inspiration … Bold Black & Yellow

For this months “Design Inspiration” post, I am going with some bold, masculine colors for all the guys out there. I figured after two posts of pastels, it was time to shake it up a bit! The purpose of these “Design Inspiration” posts, are to bring branding and studio design inspiration to our photographer readers […]

Design Inspiration…Pastel POP

 Hello again! Rey here, and I’m excited to bring you my next “Design Inspiration” post today! Here I will show you how you can take inspiration from any little thing that catches your eye, and turn it into design inspiration for your studio (for you photographers out there) and your bedroom (for you tweens and teens)! […]

Design Inspiration

  Hello again! Rey here, and I’m excited to bring you my first “Design Inspiration” post today! I want to show you how you can decorate a space, in this case a studio or teen room, off of a few things that might catch your eye. Some of you teens and tweens out there might be […]