Design Inspiration-Mint and Grey

This months design inspiration is inspired by something as simple as surfing the web. These items caught my eye as I’ve been drawn to the sea-foam and mint greens of summer. Pairing them with a soft, cool grey takes the feel of the palette to a nice, modern, professional feel that is perfect for a photography […]

Design Inspiration…Summer Farmer’s Market

I love finding color inspiration in nature! This months design inspiration is inspired by a recent trip to the Portland Farmer’s Market. These flowers are just one of the many beautiful things I found on my summer vacation to Oregon. I was quickly drawn in by the awesome colors of the fully bloomed peony against the […]

Design Inspiration … Bold Black & Yellow

For this months “Design Inspiration” post, I am going with some bold, masculine colors for all the guys out there. I figured after two posts of pastels, it was time to shake it up a bit! The purpose of these “Design Inspiration” posts, are to bring branding and studio design inspiration to our photographer readers […]

Design Inspiration

  Hello again! Rey here, and I’m excited to bring you my first “Design Inspiration” post today! I want to show you how you can decorate a space, in this case a studio or teen room, off of a few things that might catch your eye. Some of you teens and tweens out there might be […]