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Duster…WHAT?! | Eye on Fashion | Modern Teen Style

You’re never going to believe what today’s Eye on Fashion post is all about: the Duster.

The what?!

The duster 😉

It may be fashion inspiration all the way from the 1920s, but trust me when I tell you that it is making a roaring come back (get it? roaring? hehe).

The duster coat is a loose, full-length, lightweight jacket (usually designed without buttons)  that, back in the 1920s, women would wear when traveling; but, now, the duster is a full on fashion statement seen with casual looks like shorts and a t-shirt, boho looks with fringe, and even high end business wear ensembles! The duster is a very versatile add-on to almost any outfit and is one you may even already own!


I have definitely had at least one or two of these in my closet in the past and am itching to have one again – they make the perfect beach wear addition and are awesome for that transition from Summer to Fall, too!

Need more inspiration for the duster coat? Check out these fashion forward teen photographers who are already incorporating them into their client sessions!

Renée Marchelle Photography

Devon J. Imagery

Don’t you just love how it adds to the look without completely overtaking it?! I know I sure do! So, next time you are shopping for school, Summer wardrobes, or even your session – be on the lookout for the duster coat – I am certain you will find one you can’t live without!

Tell us in the comments below if you’ve ever worn one before and what you think of it! I’d love your feedback so I can know if I’m showcasing the right items in the Eye on Fashion posts – they are written for you, after all 😉