So today as we creep closer to the start of school in Maryland, I’m going to piggyback on Sarah’s awesome post from last week and show you three more big fall fashion trends. I’ve seen these particular trends in multiple articles and thought they were some of the strongest trends from the season. Not to mention you can already find them in the stores and add them to your back to school closest. Here goes!

Winter florals or dark florals are everywhere! No longer just for spring and summer, flowers are finding there way to fall and winter against a black/brown/navy backdrop. Try a skater dress or a fun skirt or leggins with a solid color top. Personally I love the Dr. Martens – the perfect way to add a little flower power to your back to school outfit. Shopping info here!


Faux fur is the perfect way to keep warm and stay on trend this fall and winter. Even the smallest bit of faux fur – like on the collar of a jacket – adds a bit of chic to any outfit. Faux fur vests are a fun way to layer over a tunic and leggings and it’s warm! That cropped faux fur jacket would be perfect atop a dress for an evening out. Find these pieces here. fur

This last trend is one that I think never really goes that far away. It keeps coming back and back and I love it. PLAID!  It’s classic. It can be preppy, grunge, even country chic. Pick your fave way to wear it and let your plaid pride show!! Get your plain on here. plaid

Whatever your style, make it your own.


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