Modern Teen Style….Devon J Imagery

Color, color, color! I am head over heels in love with today’s featured session from Devon J Imagery. I’m constantly inspired by the teens I photograph and their drive to be individuals. This model is no different! Devon adds, “Ainsley’s session was SO MUCH FUN! She’s about to make the transition from middle school to […]

Duster…WHAT?! | Eye on Fashion | Modern Teen Style

You’re never going to believe what today’s Eye on Fashion post is all about: the Duster. The what?! The duster 😉 It may be fashion inspiration all the way from the 1920s, but trust me when I tell you that it is making a roaring come back (get it? roaring? hehe). The duster coat is a loose, […]

Modern Teen Style….Linda Gorshein Photography

The colors, the locations and HORSES! This session from Linda Gorshein Photography is so captivating. Linda adds, “This was a fun, outdoor, spring session with a beautiful high school Junior. We photographed her at a local farm and enjoyed the beautiful scenery with the barn, orange trees, animals, and more. Kristina loves the outdoors and […]

Modern Teen Style….Devon J Imagery

Today’s featured session is compliments of the incredibly talented Devon J Imagery! A truly gorgeous sister session. Devon did a great job capturing the personality of these sisters. Devon adds, “Mollie and Josie are sisters, and juniors at Paschal High School in Ft. Worth, Texas. They’re 14 months apart, but are in the same grade! […]

Modern Teen Style…Stephanie Monique Photography

I always find that winter sessions are much more fun and inspiring to look at in the summer. That may be because I live in the northern part of the country where winter lasts for months on end. So I’m excited to share today’s featured session from Stephanie Monique Photography. Stephanie describes the session, “This […]

Modern Teen Style…Lindsay Borg Photography

Oh, what I would do to have this young lady’s hair. So beautiful! And of course, this is a little throw back to my favorite season…fall! There’s nothing better than that gorgeous, warm light and the colors that fall brings. Today’s feature is courtesy of the talented Lindsay Borg Photography. Lindsay adds, “This session takes […]

Eye on Fashion | Lace Shorts!

Happy Spring everyone!! I’ve got a short and sweet post this week to go along with these short and sweet, well… shorts! The stores are full of lace shorts right now and I love them! They texture and design make them just a little “fancier” than regular shorts and there are so many options. This […]

Get your green on! St. Patrick’s Day Fashion

Hey, everyone! March is in full swing and next week brings one of my favorite days of the year, St. Patrick’s Day! Some of us, like me, love green all year long. While others wear it just once a year to show their love for the Irish holiday. If  you fall into the latter category […]

Eye on Fashion…Teen Guys – Urban Wear

Hi there!  My name is Melissa Waller and I am so excited to be coming to you with the newest Eye on Fashion-Teen Guys.  I have been a senior photographer for several years but just recently decided to exclusively shoot seniors in the last year.  While I have had a few senior guy clients get […]