Midi Skirt | Eye on Fashion| Modern Teen Style

Hey there! Today’s Eye on Fashion post is so on trend that it’s even a new style to ME (if you can believe that). Well, let me back up: it’s not a new style, per say, but it’s a new trend and it’s definitely a new term. Today I am introducing you to the Midi […]

Eye on Fashion | Denim!

Five  bucks says you can’t go a week without wearing denim. I mean, everybody owns a pair of jeans, right? They’re pretty much a wardrobe staple. And I bet some of you even own a denim jacket or a pair of overalls (believe it or not those are making a huge comeback)! Denim comes in a slew […]

Eye on Fashion | 3 Ways to Style a Pixie Cut

Long hair is gorgeous- there is no question about it; but there is something bold, confident, and fierce about a girl with a pixie cut that you just can’t get with a long hair style. JLaw has one, Emma Watson is glowing with hers, Ginnifer Goodwin from Once Upon a Time is rocking one, and […]

Eye on Fashion | Ballerina Style

Something big is happening in teen style and it has been coming up slowly for a long time now: Ballerina  inspired looks. Tutus, tights, high on the head buns, wrap sweaters, etc. Style has been taking a cue from ballerinas for a while but it wasn’t until recently that it exploded onto the scene- now […]

Be Inspired by…. Lilly Pulitzer | Eye on Fashion

I love Lilly Pulitzer. Until my husband surprised me with one of her dresses as a gift, Lilly Pulitzer was my “drool over from afar but save my pennies for forever because they’re too expensive” dream designer (we all have one of those, right?). Her bright colors, funky patterns, and super girly silhouettes make Lilly […]

Eye on Fashion | Shoes: The Ultimate Accessory

Hi! I’m Sarah with Sarah Elle Photography and I am here to bring you the first Eye on Fashion post for Modern Teen Style for 2015 (yay!!). I am honored to be part of the MTS team and am over the moon excited to get to share my style inspiration with you twice a month! So, […]