Spring Shoe Preview | Eye On Fashion

You heard it here FIRST: One of the biggest and hottest styles of the upcoming Spring season in the shoe department is going to be the wood sandal! Get ready to continue to channel that inner 70s style from the Winter trends and carry it into the Spring because the hottest shoe on the market is […]

Road Trip To Holiday Table | Christmas Season | Eye on Fashion

Christmas week is heeeere! Anyone else have to travel for the holiday? I know I’m not alone here, right? Check out the following for some awesome (and comfy) fashion ideas for your road trip this holiday season.  Show up in style in any of these numbers after sitting in comfort for hours in the car […]

Faux Fur | Eye on Fashion

The title says it all, really: faux fur is IN and it is picking up speed FAST this season! Faux fur can be seen on slippers, jackets, sweaters, you name it! But in today’s Eye on Fashion post I am going to focus on the faux fur vest! To be honest, I wasn’t certain this […]

Pajama Fashion | PJ Party | Eye on Fashion

The holidays have arrived ( I mean – Thanksgiving IS tomorrow for goodness sake!) and with that comes lots of awesome family time, lots of yummy foods, lots of chances to give back to your own community, and lots of opportunities for being seen in your cutest jammies (late night hot chocolate and Monopoly party, anyone?) […]

Shift Dress | Eye on Fashion

First and foremost I want to take a moment to offer my deepest thanks and gratitude to the men and women who have served and/or are currently serving in the United States Armed Forces. As a military family myself I understand first hand some of the sacrifices that are made to defend this country, and I […]

Be Inspired By…. | Sabrina Carpenter | Eye on Fashion

Last month we brought you a “Be Inspired By…” for the oh-so-adorable Rowan Blanchard, the lead in the hit Disney series Girl Meets World. This month we’re bringing you inspiration from the decidedly edgier half of the hit show’s celebrity duo, her co-star Sabrina Carpenter! Sabrina is two years Rowan’s senior and it definitely shows in her […]

An Understated Homecoming | Eye on Fashion

Homecoming season is upon us! If you haven’t gone already you’re probably heading to a homecoming dance in the near future – and that means you probably need a homecoming dress, too! For a lot of people this is their first homecoming dance and the whole “what do I wear” question can cause a lot […]

Fashion-Forward Fall Layers | Eye on Fashion

When you think of Fall what comes to mind? Pumpkins (and spiced lattes), leaves, scarves, boots, Halloween, Thanksgiving, football games, hot soup, and on and on. You probably also think of awesome ways to layer your wardrobe, am I right? Let me guess: you love to put a scarf on top of a sweater on […]

Be Inspired By….| Rowan Blanchard | Eye on Fashion

This week, be inspired by…. Rowan Blanchard! All of my teens and tweens reading this should know immediately who that is; but for the rest of you, let me give you a teeny bio: Rowan Blanchard is the 13 year old cutie currently starring in the “Boy Meets World” spin-off “Girl Meets World.” She can […]

THE Power Color | Eye on Fashion | Modern Teen Style

Red. It has been used as a silent way of asserting confidence and a sense of power over others for ages. You see it in politics, the royal family, and in branding and logos everywhere. Red is a hot color filled with subliminal messages of confidence, strength, knowledge, and power; so why not infuse that […]